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Attachments models (.obj)

Scopes/Sights attachments

You can place your attachment directly in your gun, so you wouldn't have to change the attachment position in the .render.json of your gun.

How the zoom render works ?

The render of the zoomed world will be rendered on the plane object named scopeModel, it can be a circle or a square.

Name your plane object scopeModel and place it where you want to render the zoomed world.

UV Map of the scopeModel: Place the UV map in the center of the box, and size it in function of your wanted zoom.

Now it's done:

What is the overlay model ?

The overlay model allow to render a black texture in front of the scope model. You can copy the scopeModel, and place it just in front. No textures are required.

Barrels attachments and others

Nothing really difficult here, place your attachmentModel in the correct position on Blender.

Export it in .obj using this parameters and that's it.