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Create your highly configurable guns, with their respective models, sounds, skins and guns parameters such as the gun's damage, recoil values, fire modes, rounds per min.


Make your guns unique with sights, grips, flashlights, suppressors, flash hiders and so on. Your attachment model will be applied in your gun when equiped, you can configure the model position and allow unique features such as your scope zoom, the recoil reducer factor and others.

Ammos / Magazines

Nothing special here except that you can make multiples magazines for a single gun and chare your magazines with bullets :P


We completely remade the reloading system to make possible to add bullets, now you can create your bullets with a custom damages factor, potion effects when hit an entity.


Armors are necessary when dealing with military stuff, you can create your armors with .obj models and change their resistance in the config file.


Backpacks have been added on this new version, now you can create backpacks with custom slots size and allow to carry a certain number of guns on it.

Skin sprays

Make your owns skins sprays to make your guns more powerful and badass !