Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Free Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 2023-02-01

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The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation pack contains the most well-known equipment of the Russian armed forces.
There are 2 branches of the military represented within the pack.

RPK-74M (Uses both 30rnd and 45rnd Magazines)

Body Armour / Vests
6b5 Plate Carrier
6b45 Plate Carrier
6b45 Plate Carrier - Khaki
6b46 Ballistic Vest

Beanie (Very drippy!)
SSh-68 w/ Camo Cover
6b47 ballistic helmet
6b47 ballistic helmet - khaki

Russian Naval Infantry Uniform (Pre-2008 reforms)
Russian VDV EMR Uniform
Russian Army EMR Uniform
Russian Army Desert EMR Uniform
Russian EMR Overall - Summer
Russian EMR Overall - Autumn

AK-74M (left) and RPK-74M (right)

Russian EMR Uniform

!! Important !!
-Do not steal models or textures
-Do not upload this pack anywhere else without my permission (modpacks are ok)
-Do not modify this pack and upload it without my permission
-Do not charge people money if you use this pack on your server

If you would like to suggest content, dm me on discord
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Latest reviews

Очень хорошая моделька брони, еще хотел спросить какими прогами вы пользуетесь?
1 star right now. when i try to download its say link doesnt work
Weird. I have no problem downloading it. The dropbox file still exists as well. Have you perhaps tried to restart your browser?
Good job. I got suggestion: can you make a armed forces of polish army?
Unfortunately, my to-do list is getting longer and longer due to suggestions. I will consider yo ur suggestion but I can’t make any promises, especially since I prioritize suggestions that were sent to me via discord.
Привет бро пак супер и хотел бы узнать будут ли ещё оружие на это паке и не только этом.
as of right now I'm not planning on continuing this pack. I might change my mind in the future though
Hello author, I am a japanese player. I love the guns you made very much and used them on my server. I hope you can make a Howa Type 64 Rifle and Type62 GPMG pack for the japanase Army. Thank you very much!
As of right now, I've got a very tight schedule. I'll put it on my idea list though! :)
как установить на майн?
There are several installation tutorials on youtube.

Anyways, here is a quick tutorial:
1. Download The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation content pack
2. Download Modular Warfare for 1.12.2
3. Run minecraft forge 1.12.2 with Modular Warfare installed
4. Add the Pain of Udmurtia - Uniforms ZIP file to the Modular Warfare folder in your .minecraft folder
5. Run the game and enjoy!

I hope I could help you out
Ever since what happened to Dimitri in Chechnya in the 90's, he never was the same. He doesn't have anything else to help him cope with it but making Meinkraft Russian uniform packs. I've setup a gofundme to help him get the proper mental help.
Love the helmet, hope you make African camos like the south african one or the south east asian ones they look good on jungle biomes.
I don't know which particular camouflage pattern you are referring to but I do have something planned regarding arid regions
Based pack - I love the uniforms, but also the gun models are really well done. Big improvement in every field so far. Really good job. [Review as for the first version]