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Entry Team Pack (Temporary name till i get a better name) 0.4

No permission to download
This is awesome, the weapons are so cool, it's a great content pack to modular warfare. I have a suggestion, i think. . . ¿Can You do if they ammo of they original modular warfare was compatible whit some weapons? like the shells whit they shootguns.

-srry i'm nota speak very good the inglish 😐
This Content Pack is amazing, although there isnt a lot of weapons, there still is a reasenable amont of weapons for you to mess around.

Not only that the weapons it self are well modeled and feel great when shooting, you probably could use this content pack to make a PvP match with your mates and all.

Good stuff you have here mate.
These guns are great! But I think some guns are square .Can I use them on the server?Thank