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Free Nakara Gunpack 1.1 Hotfix

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Hello everyone, here we have the Nakara Gun pack! This pack is based off a world me and some friends are developing, and its full of fantasy weapons, such as the KG45 heavy Assault rifle, and the Rivet gun. All are meant for the Upcoming Derelict server!
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Latest updates

  1. 1.1 Hotfix

    1.1 Hotfix Removed AB91 Rail Cover Removed AB91 Dong Removed UNMR Folding Stock (All three...
  2. 1.1

    1.1 MG-22 Stg-51 Type-72 MOR-12 NVR-6.8 Alien Pistol Alien DMR STG-20 Zerakov Mag Fed P96 MA5B...
  3. 1.0

    1.0 Added: Revenant Konelahti Model 101 R72A1 (P90) MAR-20 Hicks Model 86 STG-75 Cloch SMG...

Latest reviews

This is a really nice pack!
Hey I got an idea for you
-You should add some guns for Call of duty futuristic games like CODBO3: Kn44
Maybe, the guns in this pack fit into a lore me and friends are making, if I can fit it in I'll do it
My favorite pack so far! can't believe you did the longslide from terminator. would really love to see the plasma rife in the 40 watt range i see you've got a few tech-y weapons in here :P
Will keep that in mind, Thanks!
WOW! So much guns this content packs are underrated they are so damn good
Someone should make a video about this