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What is Pain of Udmurtia?
Pain of Udmurtia is a alt-history uniform pack for modular warfare set in the republic of Udmurtia.
Udmurtia broke away after the fall of the USSR and is now independent.
Due to instability and a dictatorship leading the country, Udmurtia fell into a brutal civil war between the
nato-backed government and the separatists.

The pack contains mostly 90s and early 2000s stuff.
I was initially gonna start a server but I had to cancel it due to my mental health.

This server will be officially using my pack:

!! Important !!
-Do not steal models or textures
-Do not upload this pack anywhere else without my permission (modpacks are ok)
-Do not modify this pack and upload it without my permission
-Do not charge people money if you use this pack on your server

Body Armour:
6b5 Vest
6b45 Vest (After 2008)

SSh-68 w/ Flectar-D cover
SSh-68 w/ Kevlar lining
SSh-68 w/ Helmet Netting
PASGT Helmet
PASGT Helmet w/ M84 cover
PASGT Helmet w/ Flecktarn cover
6b47 (After 2008)

Separatist Uniform
Separatist Recon Uniform
Separatist SF Uniform (a bit broken atm)
Separatist Flectar-D Uniform
Udmurt Uniform
Udmurt National Guard Uniform
Udmurt Special Infantry Uniform
Russian Naval Infantry Uniform
Russian EMR VDV Uniform (After 2008)
Russian EMR Tanker Uniform (After 2008)

Chest Rigs
Separatist Chest Rig
Udmurt Chest Rig
Udmurt SMG Chest Rig
Russian Chest Rig

Beanie (Very drippy!)
Udmurt Field Cap
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