S.T.A.L.K.E.R Pack

Free S.T.A.L.K.E.R Pack 1.0.0 MW update conversion

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Latest updates

  1. 1.1.0 MW update conversion

    Rotated all guns, grenades, attachments by 90deg.
  2. Final Final Update

    Added prefix to all assets to remove conflicts with other packs. I hope that will fix crashes...
  3. Final Update

    Finished all guns and also scopes and silencers. Added one gun from STCoP. Maybe I'll and some...

Latest reviews

как фанат игры сталкер,скажу пак реально хорош.Особенно всс винторез.
Всё круто, только нету моделей булата, и не включены предметы - Берилл долга, экза наёмников, закат наёмников, заря бандитов и заря спецназа)
И у меня что-бы предметы брони были видны нужно было распаковать дополнительно их из файла armor.rar (Зачем он там?)
Топовый пак ,но хотелось бы текстуры на броню и изменить статы у брони
текстуры у брони вообще-то имеются. У меня, как минимум, всё работает прекрасно.
This Content Pack is great, although this isn't for everyone is still worth a try, for the weapons it self, Armor is kind of optional
very cool, but the only question is why the G36 and fn2000 weapons were not added
It's unnable to deattach scopes from these guns.
I have cool models of weapons (from the anomaly) and the armor of the dayz converted to a stalker as a flans 1.7.10. I can throw a to transfer to the platform.
The best pack
Very good!
good but what texture pack you use @SynDragon09 ?
STALKER resource pack that I found somewhere, don't remember where exactly
Very good and I recommend that the G36 and the FN2000 for the original game pls make the reticle the same :]
I can't separate a scope from the gun model. Sorry if that is dissapoints you.