S.T.A.L.K.E.R Pack

Free S.T.A.L.K.E.R Pack 1.0.0 MW update conversion

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Rotated all guns, grenades, attachments by 90deg.
Added prefix to all assets to remove conflicts with other packs. I hope that will fix crashes and other. If it's not - report in dicussion tab.
Finished all guns and also scopes and silencers.

Added one gun from STCoP. Maybe I'll and some more in future.

If you have problems with my packs please report them in the "Discussin" tab.


Finished all gun except g36 and fn2000(unreal to deattach scope).

Finished all armor.

Guns: Abakan, LR300, SVD.

Armor: SSP(Blue, Orange, Green), Zakat(Dolg, Stalker, Freedom).

To add:

Guns: BM16, FN2000, G36, L85.

Armor: Zarya, Bulat.
Armor separated to other pack due to performance.


Guns: AK74, AK74u, Gauss's Rifle, Groza, mp5, PKM, Protecta, SIG550, SPAS12, SVUmk2, TOZ34, VAL, Vintorez, Winchester1300, Grenade F1.

Armor: Berill(Mercenary, Military, Common), CS3a, Leather Coat, ExoSuit(Dolg, Freedom, Monolith, Stalker, Common), Leather Jacket(Newbie, Bandit), SEVA(ClearSky, Dolg, Freedom, Mercenary, Monolith)

Removed: All attachments(gonna fix them later)

Also RPG-7, Buldog will be missing anyway, because it's unnable to make a rocket or grenade launcher.