SIZ.Cloud`s PUBG pack

Free SIZ.Cloud`s PUBG pack demo_v0.3.2

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This content pack contains a lot of guns in pubg. At present, it is the first demo pack, which is not perfect.

To use this content pack, please make sure that the version of ModularWarfare is above 1.0.13f.

Please click the "download" button in the upper right corner after login to download the package used by the client. Do not put the server package into the client.

Please observe the following points when using.

####Installation tutorial

  1. Download the released release package
  2. Put it in the 'ModularWarfare' folder in the '.minecraft' directory
  3. Make sure you have "prototype contentpack" too
  4. Start the game
####Instructions for use
  1. It is forbidden to use the content released by the git for low-level commercial activities (whether it is low-level or not is up to me)
  2. It is forbidden to crack the contents of this package
  3. It is forbidden to resell this package. If you find this behavior, please contact me in time, and we will implement relevant "measures" for violators.
####Participation and contribution
  • Thanks for ShiinaMashiro`s item icon
And If you want to host a server, you must use the server pack here:

Just put this pack in server`s 'ModularWarfare' folder, and client use the origin pack.



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    This is also a little update before 0.4 - Add Flashbang, M1 Smoke - Reduce all gun`s shake...
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  3. Armor Update

    Update Mod support version to 1.0.10f - Add Vest, Backpack, Helmet, Hat and Frag - Change the...

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Can you make the KAR98K and Win94 to a one shot because your file is a password protected file
some weapons are too close to camera
Can you list some? Maybe it will be modified in the next version