SIZ.Cloud`s PUBG pack

Free SIZ.Cloud`s PUBG pack demo_v0.4.3

No permission to download
This content pack contains a lot of guns in pubg. At present, it is the first demo pack, which is not perfect.

To use this content pack, please make sure that the version of ModularWarfare is above 2.4.0f.

Please click the "download" button in the upper right corner after login to download the package used by the client. Do not put the server package into the client.

Please observe the following points when using.

####Installation tutorial

  1. Download the released release package
  2. Put it in the 'ModularWarfare' folder in the '.minecraft' directory
  3. Make sure you have "prototype contentpack" too
  4. Start the game
####Instructions for use
  1. It is forbidden to use the content released by the git for low-level commercial activities (whether it is low-level or not is up to me)
  2. It is forbidden to crack the contents of this package
  3. It is forbidden to resell this package. If you find this behavior, please contact me in time, and we will implement relevant "measures" for violators.
####Participation and contribution
  • Thanks for ShiinaMashiro`s item icon
And If you want to host a server, you must use the server pack here:[0.4.3]

Just put this pack in server`s 'ModularWarfare' folder, and client use the origin pack.



First release
Last update
4.55 star(s) 11 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Skin Update

    Long time no see. Since I was busy updating MWF, the PUBG packa has almost been in a...
  2. Compatibility Update2

    The compatibility update fot version 1.1.0f - Add Test Skin for Scarl - Add 4 different flash...
  3. OverLay Update

    This is last little update before 0.4 - Add QBZ rifle - Add new overlay for all scope and...

Latest reviews

Good enough, u can make another low-poly version fit with mc.
i really love it, probably one of my favourite packs right now, though i'm wondering if there'll ever be a g36c here
It will...but it must in the animation verison.
I love the guns and the armor especially the akm, but somehow even i put the pack in the modular warfare folder and with the prototype content zip the things in the content pack isnt showing up in the game is there any solution to this?
Здраствуйте, можете ли вы сделать пак на заказ?
Awesome. Would it be possible to add a drum magazine to the Thompson in order to give it a mafia-like feel?
I will, thanks
The test skin for me its nice but I have problem when I try to edit the guns stats. It just say "Not implemented"
Thanks for review. I remember I opened the basic configuration permission, and I will check it in the next version
It's the best pack out of all the the ones i've tried although i'd like to see some features in the next update. These include skins and more customization for The Guns such as the M249 as of now we can only add a sight to the m249 whereas in the actual game we could change the barrel and grip as well. If these features get added the pack will be outstanding
Thank you for your comments, but I have considered adding more attachment to M249, but the current situation is meaningless. For its update, mod may need to support more attachment before I give it more features.
Very nice content pack, but I think it shouldn't be locked because some people may want to adjust guns' damage or recoil to fit their taste.
Don`t worry. The setting of guns` attr was not locked. You can modify it at will
Excelent mod overall, the sounds models and more, makes one of the best content-packages for ModularWarfare.
Nice QBZ model but I still can't edit it
Sorry, the model will not open access. But you can change the attr of gun and armor