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  1. SfortzaPhantom

    Bug Scope bug

    I can confirm that ModularWarfare 2.0 breaks *some* of scopes. Here is the scope for 1.1.1f and for 2.0.
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    Looks cool!
  3. SfortzaPhantom

    Кто читает тот гей

    Взрослый человек такие бы шутки не вбрасывал.
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    Когда ждать апдейта???

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    News Welcome to the new forum !

    Looks like this content pack is private.
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    Кто читает тот гей

    Остроумно для ребенка.
  7. SfortzaPhantom

    A localization for Russian players.

    That's the point of localization process - everything should be translated, including key settings. It is probably something minor, but it definitely helps any mod to be user-friendly (and it also helps to remove the need in google-translating some words like "proning" or "crouching". Believe...
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    A localization for Russian players.

    Modular Warfare is a good mod, for sure. There are a bunch of Russian users (say "hi", guys!), so it might be a good idea to add Russian language to Modular Warfare (and Modular Movements as well). I can help with this translation, as I had an experience translating mods previously. This...
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    Dangerous Zone content pack

    Контент-пак рабочий? Не могу проверить, по крайней мере пока.
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    [0.2.7][AnimationTrial] Escape From TarCraft(Z)

    I hope moderators will delete this pack as it is unfinished and author basically doesn't do anything about it.
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    [0.2.7][AnimationTrial] Escape From TarCraft(Z)

    Entry Team, Nakara, STALKER pack, PUBG pack. Choose any, they're all good.
  12. SfortzaPhantom

    A bit more about myself.

    So, hello there. My name is Alexey, but you can call me Sfortza. I am translator, lawyer and Python enthusiast, you probably saw me on other mods' Discord channels with that role. So, if you need to translate something from English to Russian, feel free to contact me here or at my socials.
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    [0.2.7][AnimationTrial] Escape From TarCraft(Z)

    It is unusable due to author's rejection to add the proper models for bullets (or whatever it is. At least for me it crashes. As a player, I would choose other packs (there's a bunch of good packs if you'd ask me).
  14. SfortzaPhantom

    [0.2.7][AnimationTrial] Escape From TarCraft(Z)

    Won't use this pack until you'll fix the issue with bullets.