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    I can't see the Skin

    You cannot see your skin if you use a pirated launcher, to fix simply use an official account
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    Bug I don't see player skins

    Yes, your skin only disappears if you use pirated minecraft, the developer will not fix it so to resolve it yourself use a minecraft account
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    Какого числа будет апдейт?

    We do NOT know, just wait and it'll be uploaded when it is ready
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    PlumePack: WW1 - Great war content pack

    Update ModularWarfare, you are on an older version
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    Tasty guns

    Update ModularWarfare, you are on an older version
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    [0.2.7][AnimationTrial] Escape From TarCraft(Z)

    This Content-Pack is for ModularWarfare, not Flans
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    Hi all

    the discord is where most of the activity is at
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    [0.2.7][AnimationTrial] Escape From TarCraft(Z)

    You can install content-packs, and then just place them in the modular warfare folder and it should work!
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    Tasty guns

    Download the pack on this site, then put it into the ModularWarfare folder located in the .minecraft folder! On the curseforge launcher you can click the folder icon and it will bring you there, so you will see it
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    Game crashing

    what addons? what mod version? any other mods? does it crash when booting up? or when you open a world?
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    Problems with scopes. How to fix it?!

    What about internal shaders? Also try turning off fast render