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  1. NamoPlayz

    👍More armor suggestion👍

    🤔So far there is only one type of armor other than the vest backpack and cap. and it kind of boring because I have to install more mods to get the armor such as Vic's modern warfare Flan's modern weapon packs. but then I want to use the guns that come with the mods too.🤔 Suggestion for more...
  2. NamoPlayz

    different skins for "skins" and "attachments"

    😏True its quite annoying that this looks good but you can't apply to other guns such as "prototype.m4a1.blood.json" looks good but can't apply to HK416 or UZI and thx for this suggestion😏
  3. NamoPlayz

    Fixed dead

    ENG: I don't know about this because for me it drops every time CN: 我不知道这个,因为对我来说它每次都会下降
  4. NamoPlayz

    Scope Bug

    My scope is not bug but fu*ked and when I zoom it crashes!!!
  5. NamoPlayz

    Prototype content-pack

    Can you add MP7 and MAC10?
  6. NamoPlayz

    New version 1.0.14

    😭Seem that the pack no longer have their own tabs and umm the SIZ's cloud pack is gone😭
  7. NamoPlayz

    😃 Hi I'm NamoPlayz (Offical) 😃 👍 My youtube cahhnel...

    😃 Hi I'm NamoPlayz (Offical) 😃 👍 My youtube cahhnel: 👍 My line ID: Intnamo