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    Well, not much to say. Hitboxes are static, that does some bad results with mobs seeing player.
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    Shells are invisible for new bullets which I tried to add. I tried to add a special shell model for a bullet using a 12gauge as an example, but it gave no result. Then I removed "shellModelFileName" line expecting to see a standard shell model (it's called default.obj I guess), but there was...
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    Weapon movement when aiming

    Breathing effect causes scope and point of impact discrepancy. This prevents shooting accurately at long distances.
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    Release ModularMovements [Mod 1.12.2]

    Great mod, but we really need a recoil/accuracy influence parameter for ModularWeapons.
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    So there's nothing can be done?
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    Several questions

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    Fixed recoilAimReducer

    This thing doesn't work with a sight equipped:
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    Hard working...

    Hard working...
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    Is there any possible way to make a proper 600+ RPM? It's ok with values below and equal 600 rpm, but if I set it even to 601 it doesn't seem to work well, making the gun shoot too fast. I made a short video about this problem. The first AK is 600 and the second one is 601.
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    OBJ issue

    One of my models has serious issue when implemented to the game. It looks just fine in Blender But when I load my game... Any ideas how to fix this? Other models seem to be fine...
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    Several questions

    How can I make a classic 2D score texture instead of 3D rendering? And the second question is: how to make a full set armor instead of three different parts (chest, pants, helmet)? If there's no such functions, then it would be really cool to have ones. Thank you.
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    I understand. I suggest adding this only like a possibility to create new packs, the default value should be 0 for those who don't want to use this feature. This would make it possible to do worn out weapons in addition to normal ones.
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R Pack

    Я оставлю небольшой список неточностей, которые я выявил при игре. 1. СЕВА Монолита использует текстурку от другой группировки, которой в оригинале не было. И текстура смещена в сторону на обоих руках, что видно по нашивке. 2. СЕВА Свободы использует текстуру не из оригинала. 3. СЕВА Наёмников...
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    It would be cool to have a jamming chance parameter.
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    Scope bugs

    Не знаю, я отключил его и сейчас нормально. Шейдеры тестировал отдельно, у них там другие нюансы, но на скрине я был без них, только оптифайн.
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    Scope bugs

    It seems that white scopes were caused by Prosphor mod. It's really strange that yesterday it was working fine...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R Pack

    Could you please make a blue muzzle flash for Gauss's gun?
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    Scope bugs

    By the way, I need to say it was all fine yesterday, but when I joined the game today it came like that...
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    Scope bugs

    I discovered some strange bugs the culprit of which is most likely the optifine. When I turn off sun and moon in game options (some shaders demand that), strange things start to happen to the surface. It happens also with holo sights. PLUS there's a strange issue with scopes, they are not...