Guns N Stuff


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Sep 21, 2021
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Well, ever since I saw this mod and played it, I have seen things and noticed things that could be added. First off i wanna say that you guys did an awesome job creating this mod and I really love it, it's amazing. anyways on to the business.

- you guys should fix the military armor and make it look more realistic, you feel me? it's not that it's unrealistic I guess, but it looks kinda flunky, it doesn't really match.
- next is you should add RFA armor, or in other words Russian armor as well, like the balaclava, the ballistic helmet, ya know? the fun stuff.

I noticed there aren't many guns so here are some suggestions :)
-Insas rifle
-glock 17
there are more guns I can think of but ya know these are the main ones for now.
I know you guys are busy, so this might be a lot. i just think it would be awesome to have these weapons included with the mod :) have a great week guys.