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Pro 2 Type Pack 0.91

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First release
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4.00 star(s) 7 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Update

    Added a few new guns and fixed the pack not loading correctly

Latest reviews

You have to rotate the angle of the weapon model with a 3D editing program to get it back to normal.
The mod works, but why is it upside down when I hold a weapon in my hands?? Because of this, I do not want to play with this pack.
this pack is great, you've done a great job in making the pack feel like the original prototype pack, congrats!

PS : Pls update this pack, does not works with the latest mw version.
The pack is still not fully functioned, but actually work fine. All gun models look so nice, and I like it very much.
Thank you very much for your wonderful pack of contents If possible, does addition of m134, please?
there missing texture (Item) and the Barrett scope is bug
I'm using ModularWarfare 1.0.17f, and this pack doesn't work at all. I mean, no items or anything appeared in the game.