Prototype content-pack

Official Prototype content-pack 1.0.16f

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- Fixed scope overlays crashes
- Added M4A1
- Added AR suppressor
- Added ACOG scope
- Fixed content-pack extractor
- Improved revolver animation
- Improved the shoot vector (more accurate now)
- Added revolver mechanics
- Added bullets effects (see slug gauge for an example)
- Added addons feature (create ContentTypes with an external mod)
- Added time until items drops despawn
- Can't pickup items if the inventory is full
- Reduced recoil of prototype guns
- Encrypted content-packs loads faster
- Removed glitching animation when clicking on certain blocks
- Fixed brightness set to the maximum value

- Added Taurus Raging Judge revolver

- [Important] Added dev_mode on mod_config.json
Set to true if you're configuring a content-pack
F9 to reload .obj models + render.json files
F10 + SNEAK to reload only config.json
F9 + SNEAK to reload the resource-packs (sounds, textures, items)
- Fixed crash on the attachment mode
- Fixed mod not loading on forge servers
- Fixed slug damages - Added 3D item on ground
- Added Glass destruction (can be disable on the config)
- Added despawnTimeShellCasing in the config
- Added barrel parameters (isSuppressor, hideFlash)
- Increased flashlight luminosity in the darkness and on the scope
- Increased the zoom of the l115a3
- Enhanced guns textures
- Fixed hotbar disappearing
- Fixed recoil with suppressor
- Right clicking on a fence will glitch your gun

- New guns: MP5, MP5SD, MG-42
- New armors: Military vests (Lv1/Lv2) + Military cap (Black/Green/Tan)