Tasty guns

Tasty guns 2022-05-22

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This content pack is a good addition to the prototype pack with weapon models from the same author (TastyTony)

-AK-47 Type 2
-HK G3
-Glock 17
-MP443 Grach
-Aug PARA 9mm
-PB pistol
-PM pistol
-Kel-Tec RFB
-Serbu RN-50 (SLAP rounds not included)
-VPO-102 Vepr
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Dude this adition is reeeally god, new follower.
the modpack it self is a good addition for the ones who wish the have the same feeling as the official content pack. yet it comes with some issues, Attachment Wise that is, but if you are able to overlook that you will have a blast with this modpack.
Neat pack, thanks for importing the models! I can only complain about some of the models being positioned weirdly, like the makarov PB and ak-47 for example. Also the sounds are an issue, some guns don't have sounds and some are a little weird. Otherwise, nice pack!