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With the release of the 2.0.0 Animation update, I thought i should start progress on animating the Nakara Pack, and well, it will be a long time until all 116 are done. In the mean time, I figured i should go ahead and post the animated WIP version.

Note: You will need the Original Legacy pack and the Tutorial pack in order for it to work.

0.1 Animations:
First release
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4.17 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 0.61 Attachment fixes

    Fixed Attachments, if i missed any feel free to notify me
  2. 0.6

    0.6 Added KAMAR 53 Added Blue Bess Added Landa Model 75 Added Basiliski Added TM-45 Added ABS-91...
  3. Freelancers update

    0.55 Freelancers Update Added STG-1985 Added STG-1951 Added Killswitch Added Brynhildr Added...

Latest reviews

the guns are invisible plz fix it i have no way to use the mod but it looks cool plz respond and fix it plz!!!
The flashlights are broken
they dont work on animated guns
The guns and animations are AMAZING, but there's a problem. Most guns
like (rifles and pistols) dont have available mag's to use? how do i fix this problem?
use the legacy pack 1.7, it is linked
Too good to be true
Well,it's really amazing that how could this pack work because its model and movements are different to the tutorial pack,I think put the left hand out from the mag can be easier to make the sprint, it will be helpful if you check the official tutorial pack and wiki, and this pack will be perfect.
Currently there is no support for blockbench sprint animations
very good pack. The animations are sick but the guns are invisible when sprinting for some reason
Yea I haven't figured out how to make the sprint animation work, besides that thank you